John Howard Pierce, who gave the Town of Lincoln the Pierce House and Park, was born in 1830 and died in 1910. His family name was originally Hoar, but in 1811 his merchant father, Abijah Pierce Hoar, changed his name to Abijah Hoar Pierce, and the last name of his line became Pierce.

The Hoars were proud of their English ancestry and on the stone in the old Lincoln cemetery which marks the grave of John Hoar John H. Pierce's great-grandfather) are inscribed the words, "Great Great Grandson of Charles Hoar Sheriff of Gloucester England who d. 1638." However, this respect for their English heritage did not deter the Hoar family from resisting the tyrannies of the mother country. John Pierce Hoar was a one time United States Senator from Massachusetts and actually did say, "My grandfather, two great-grandfathers, and three of my father's uncles were at Concord Bridge in the Lincoln Company, of which my grandfather, Samuel Hoar, was lieutenant, on the 19th of April, 1775."



This lieutenant Samuel Hoar was John Pierce's grandfather. In 1817-1818 Samuel Hoar had built, reportedly from timber which fell in the great gale of 1815, the house which still stands on the other side of Weston Road facing the front lawn of the Pierce House. This house is privately owned and not open to the public. Lt. Samuel Hoar died in 1832, but in later years John Pierce's father, Abijah Hoar Pierce, lived there briefly, and John's brother, Samuel H. Pierce, occupied it for many years and farmed the land around it.

In the early 1860's John H. Pierce built a large Victorian house on Bedford Road near the top of Lincoln Hill, which has been greatly modified by its present owners. An 1875 street map shows that John Pierce was then living there, but in 1884 he sold the house and eleven acre lot on which it stood and moved out of Lincoln for a period of a few years.We know little about John Pierce's business affairs. In his earlier years he

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was listed as a broker and, more frequently, as a bookkeeper, working in Boston. His great granddaughter describes him in later years as a gentleman farmer who accumulated his money investing in copper stock. Lincoln records show that in 1897 the Town assessed his personal property at $45,000.00, and in 1899 $90,000.00. In those years he was not assessed for any real estate.

On November 22, 1862, the thirty-two year old John H. Pier married twenty-one year old Mary Elizabeth Wheeler of Lincoln When John died, in 1910, he was survived by a daughter, Elsie Howard Pierce, and a son, Robert Morris Pierce. Elsie, who never married, died in 1926, while Robert died in 1949. Robert and his wife Grace Door Pierce, had one son, Jonathan, who died in 1937 Robert and Jonathan were the last of the male line of John H Pierce.

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